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At what price would you buy a Super 35 ?


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Austin TX
Looking at upgrading my stock rear axle and have been considering an XJ D44 or an 8.8. . . I don't have the skills and tools to regear or fab so, I'm figuring I could get $1,000 tied up into it quick (gears, locker, labor).

This is a DD but I run rocks on the weekends, 31 inch tires now, maybe 32's in the future. I have a pretty light foot but, run with guys on 35's and bigger who can be a bad influence on me.

So I've always thought "for the money I'd never BUILD a Super 35" but, the opportunity to buy a used one geared at 4.56 with a Detroit locker will be coming up in the future. So, the question is, Would you buy a Super 35? and if so, for What price?
The super 35 is stilll a week housing that needs to be addressed and trussed ususally used parts go for 50% to 60% of new so gears 150.00 install kit 100.00
detroit 450.00 super kit 800.00?

Id say around 500 to 700 max
free99 would convince me to run a super 35....