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Are Beadlocks beneficial in Mud ???

Never lost a bead in mud, but lost one on rocks/rocky trails.
Now one time for the number of times i've been out is a low percentage, so I still don't run beadlocks, but do have a high flow regulator in the air tank to reset them if they do go. Just haven't decided to spend the money yet and get them.
I have lost two sidewalls to sticks/debris, making the risk of side wall puncture higher than rolling the tire off the rim. The answer here? a better tire. As in a non radial.

2001 XJ, D44's 4.88's 35" truxs, detroits front & rear, 8+" lift, alloy shafts, master craft seats, 4 points, and the list goes on and on like most of us.
ive lost 3 beads total (all with boggers hmmm.) 1 in the sand, 1 in the mud and 1 in the rocks.

The biggest problem is if you have a locked rear axle, they tend to push and not turn, so the outside front tire with end up taking a load on the sidewall, add low tire pressure to the mix and POP lost a bead.

I run Trailready beadlocks now.

if you were in nice soft soupy mud i would say no but that is never the case there is always a rock or some object in there. also if your realy running deep mud you have the hammer down going balls to the walls prob getting a little squirily (going sideways with low psi = lost bead) with that all being said your not going to buy bead locks and realize that you can make it thru all the mud puddles you couldn't before.
Beadlocks are for those who want to run very low air pressure. If you don't need to run 8 pounds of pressure, then don't. Run 16 pounds and don't worry about beadlocks. Muddy trails, and mud in general isn't going to force your tire off the bead.