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April, a month of hell!!!


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I just received my dumpster and I have my roofing contractor scheduled for May 1st. I've got until then to demolish/rebuild my house patio (20'x30') due to water damage, then my roofer will do the entire house. I've already received my lumber order so demolition starts tomorrow!
Believe it or not, it does rain here! In all reality though the main roof (4-12 pitch) was questionable when I bought the house 23yrs ago and I have been nursing it since! The attached patio (1/4-12 pitch) has leaked for almost 20yrs and I just gave up on it. Because of the 20k+ price tag I have been putting everything off but just can't anymore.
Almost done with the demo and the bin is filling up!

one big circular saw!!!

Made some real progress today....


Got most of the main rafters in, have to work on all the compound tie-in work next!
Got the patio basically done! I pre-primed most of the lumber but I ran a little short so I have some spot priming to do plus weld-up a couple of custom rafter brackets but it's ready for the roofer a week ahead of schedule!!! :cheers:
18" joist spacing?

No, that would be a horrible idea, standard building construction framing is either 16" or 24"! Both my house (built 1959) and my garage (built 2014) are 24" on center.

Yesterday I ordered a skylight flashing kit for the main house as I thought I knew which model I have. Today I found out how to identify the models and of course the one I ordered is the wrong one. I just reordered the correct one but I'm going to pray that it arrives in time as the roofers start on Monday. I hope I can stall them enough on that part of the roof till it arrives!
Got most of the main rafters in, have to work on all the compound tie-in work next!

Priming/painting before assembly; the only way to go for outdoor/exposed/semi exposed.

ETA: Where are the duplex nails? :)
ETA: Where are the duplex nails? :)

I hardly ever use them any more, even for concrete form work! I did remove a ton of cut nails the wood on the patio construction!
Cut nails are the best. Less likely to split the material; and they hold better. Had a house for 10+ years, built in the late 1890's. Loved it, and hated it!
When the wind blew 10 mph outside, it blew 15 in the house.

BTW, those are some stout engineered trusses. :D

Never did much masonry, but that pre stressed header is pretty dam cool.
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That's a story in a story! City of Phoenix Planning Department did not "Recognize" the product because it's from Florida (something I researched out). They would accept my plans if I got a Engineer to sign off on my plans(drew them up myself). I not only hired a engineer but paid 250$ for the beam, but 1800$ to truck it to Arizona!
The roofer was here yesterday and they are almost done, still waiting for the skylight flashing arrive. The price tag went up 5k$ because we decided to sheath the roof so we get it done all at the same time for a solid start from the beginning.
This chapter is over! Roofers finished up Friday and I dropped off a check for it yesterday. All in all $25k is a hard hit but I'm left with a good feeling as it was needed to get thru the next 20 years without a worry!