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Anyone interested in a fall run October 14 or 21?


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Sandy, UT
I am thinking of one last run before the too bad weather sets in. Anyone interested in a run? Options would be anyone's suggestions (make them), the Pony Express Trail, Parris Ice Caves if the road is still passable, out to 5 mile and/or down to Little Moab. If interested, post up here with which run and which date, please.
I could possibly swing Providence Canyon on the 28th. Interested?

The big unknown is that I'm trying to sell the JK, and the XJ isn't licensed yet. If I can get it trail worthy, I'd just trailer it up there and risk not having it registered (unless by some miracle I do get it registered in the next two weeks).

That's a possible. As it gets later, the snow may make it impossible to get too far, but even that's fun. Let's see what others suggest. Even if it means trail runs on both the 21st and 28th, I could be persuaded.
Anyone interested in a run tomorrow, the 21st?
It's late and short notice, so the only thing I can suggest would be 5-mile unless you want to run out the Pony Express Trail. I will wait until about 11:00 PM and then call it if there are no takers.
Troy, sounds good. Want to see your rig now that it's done, also. Let's see who else posts up and if Jared is still interested and we can firm up details later in the week.
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