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Anyone running White Rim Trail in Oct/Nov?


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NAXJA Member
Encinitas, Ca
I'd like to run the WRT sometime in October or November, but realize you have to plan far in advance to even have a chance of getting camping permits, which I haven't done. If you happen to have a trip planned and have an open spot in your group for another vehicle, I'd be interested. Would be nice to spend at least two nights on the trail, but I'm open. For this trip I'll be in a 4x4 diesel F350 with cabover camper.

I'm also posting this in the Adventure threads.
Several of us in the NAXJA group did it last year the first week in October. One guy (XJBLUE) did it on a mountain bike with one-night on the trail. I carried his equipment and supplies. Did you get online and look for any openings? That's the way I found an overnight camping spot. It wasn't ideal, as we needed to do almost 80 miles of the trip in one day but we did the trail.
I'll have to look up White Rim, but if the permits are available we would be interested. We can do almost any weekend in October.
I went to that site a few months ago and all the spots were pretty much full, but I was looking at a different month back then. Just looked again and there are some spots open for Oct/Nov. I'll have to look closer at my schedule now and pick some dates and see if I get lucky on the reservations.