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Fall Fling 2017 - A nonevent


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Sandy, UT
As of today, there has been no interest whatsoever online about having an official Fall Fling 2017. I suggested that October 4 (Wednesday) through October 7 (Saturday) be chosen. Also, at least one post suggested moving it from Moab to Sand Hollow and becoming part of the Trail Hero event. Again, no online interest either way, but some comments that Moab is where this event has always been held. I am still on medical leave from work and when I do go back shortly I will not have the time to go to Moab for this event, so I cannot be in charge of organizing anything that cannot be done online and from Salt Lake City. If anyone else wants to jump in, please do so. Otherwise, let me know if you are interested in getting together as an unofficial group, say in the south parking lot of City Market around 7:30 AM or 8:00 AM each day and choosing a trail. That would at least be a starting point.
Been there last three years. Sadly won't make it this year. Could not get my pile ready. Its so close now I can taste it, been down to long. Hopefully next year will have a good turnout with the trailer giveaway.
As far as im concerned it's a go and I'm here with Dennis. Duane is coming tomorrow.

Signed the last diehard in his Nismo no less, Mike R

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A lot of us were watching to see what manifested of this, and like said, nothing was said. Seemed like it was a wash. Would have come if we knew it was still going down.
Even if only one person is going it's worth posting. Some of us are pretty close and like excuses to go, even if it's in a Tacoma :roflmao:
Well it's not like we have a Moab Forum to post up when people are going anyway. A cold and wet lazy day in Moab.