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Any Colorado Springs Guys/Gals that can help me out...

Look dude, first just relax. I think unless you are an officer or have your family with you you stay in some reception barracks. Thats they way it went for the new guy to my unit. Then, about a week and a half later they let him go home. Just be flexable and patient.
Correction: If you are an officer or have your family with you, you don't stay in the reception barracks.
Well, I am at a laundry mat cleaning my uniforms, lol. I am then going to report. I wanted to have plenty of clean uniforms before I go to the reception barracks...

I am definately getting my name in red with my next paycheck. The members here on Naxja have been so helpful thus far. I have gotten pms, even phone numbers, lol. Those of you who have offered help and advice, thank you so very much. Those of you that I am supposed to call... I will be doing that as soon as I get a chance to stop and breath.

Bushwhacked, thank you for your advice too. I am nervous about this big change, but it will definately be better than Ft. Jackson. I am going to take your advice and look into on post housing before I do much in the way of apartments. I can't wait to get my family here with me though. That is the reason for my impatience, I am sure you understand that. Thank you though for your advice.

In the time I have been cruising around today though. I have seen several xj's that I am postive I have seen pics of on here. Maybe you saw me too? Blue limited, trimmed, no flares, no lift, 31's? Who works at Taco Bell? I ate there today and there was one parked outside the whole time and even when I drove by later on in the day. I hope to be meeting some of you soon.
Hey welcome to Colorado... drop me a PM if you need anything, I'm usually available all day until 5.

Oh and change your location... ;)