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Any Colorado Springs Guys/Gals that can help me out...


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I have a different kind of request than from the norm on this board... As some of you know and read in one of my previous posts. I have gotton orders to report to Fort Carson on March 2nd... As it seems now, I may be reporting around feb 21. I am trying to find an apartment for my wife, 2 year old, and my pit(Lily). The dog is making this very hard because not many allow pits... I found one but the pics suck... The price is right but I don't know if it is in a decent area or what. It is 10 minutes from base... rent on a 2 bedroom is 625 and utilities supposedly run around 110 a month. The price and location are perfect. They have 1 available and I don't wont to miss out on it.

What I am wanting to know is what kind of area it is in... I.e- not the trailor park or ghetto... Not that I have anything against that, just not where I want to keep my family, lol...

The name is Alikar Gardens...http://www.rent.com/rentals/colorad...b=overview&linkname=topsubnav_Overview_images

Anyone here know anything about these? Anybody live close to the general area where it is not out of your way to swing by and check out the area? Possibly even get pics of the general area outside the apartments and the businesses right out of its gate.

I would greatly appreciate any help or insight/advice that anyone can give me. Or if you local people know any other apartments around that area that would allow my Lily. Thank you and I hope we all get to go wheelin' together soon.


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I'm stationed at Carson and live about 3 minutes outside gate 3. I don't want to tell you that Alikar place is crap but I have a general idea of the area and it seems pretty sketchy to me. And it is way more than 10 minutes away. 10 minutes assumes you hit every green light and nobody is on the road. Plus, you have to take into account gate traffic as well. More like 20 just to get onto post and then however long from there to your unit. You are going to have a pretty hard time finding a place close to post that accepts pits. You could always just tell the place it's a bull terrier lol.

But check this out:


The reviews of the place are pretty bad. I would recommend you look at this website when checking out apartments. Or just google reviews of the place.

Another area you might want to check out is the Fountain area to the east. Gate 20 goes right out there. Mesa Ridge Pky is the road to gate 20.

I drive up and down Academy and Circle all the time, and I'll drive by there this weekend and let you know what the place looks like from the outside.

BTW, What unit are you going to?
Crash_AF said:
Just a suggestion, the housing market is in a slump here and you might be able to buy a house for what you would pay in rent. Check out this web site for some ideas of what's available:

Good luck,

SSgt Hinson

Oh snap, Hinson? lol. I am Hinson also, spelled the same way, I am just pv2 though, lol. Thanks for the advice... I don't know that I can get into buying a house know though, I am 21 and I don't have much credit...
VA home loans are your friend... LOL I'd look into it, a 2Br house for around $125K would be about a $700 a month mortgage payment, and you don't have to worry about landlords.

And yes, I saw your name a the bottom of your first post so I had to put mine at the bottom. LOL I'm originally from the Lancaster SC area.

I think the way a VA loan works is you are gauranteed to qualify no matter you credit history. At what APR I don't know, but I'm pretty sure you only get one in a lifetime. Thats why I haven't used mine, didn't want to use it for my starter home. Not to mention, I think one of the 4ID BDE's is about to deploy and the rest (with the exception of what will be mine since we just got back) will probably deploy before years end. Just an FYI

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hey, dont forget when you get to carson and go see the housing office to see if they actually have housing available on post, and then to see which apartment complexes and whatnot are on the blacklist, being as they screwed soldiers and whatnot. being as some units from carson are deployed right now (i'm attached to one of em) and everything else, you might be able to luck out and live on post. depending on where on post, on post living isnt that bad.
How about these... The ratings are all above 50% at the least... All the apartments with 80% and up are very expensive... I am trying to keep my rent under 750 for a 2 bedroom... I am the only one working for a family of 3, so... Any advice on the following would be very helpful, thanks.




Mostly, what do yall know about the mountain shadows apartments? The rating on those is 100% but there is only one reveiw, lol. They look nice in the pics, a weird color, but pretty nice...
buschwhaked said:
I think the way a VA loan works is you are gauranteed to qualify no matter you credit history. At what APR I don't know, but I'm pretty sure you only get one in a lifetime.

That's partially correct, you only get one at a time. IOW, if you get a VA loan for your current house, you have to sell or pay it off before you can get another VA loan.

And yes, VA backs your loan which makes it MUCH easier to get the loan, the only downside is that it adds 1 point to your interest rate.

I'd seriously look into purchasing instead of renting, you can get a nice house for $750 a month.

No one knows anything about these ones? I plan on going to look at them in the morning I guess... I left South Carolina yesterday around 1... I stopped in Atlanta to see my wife for a couple of hours and then I dropped off a couple buddies in Dallas, Tx... I am currently in Kansas right now. I am almost to I-70. GPS says I am 550 miles from Denver Airport(I have another buddy with me I am dropping off there, we have been driving in shifts).

So I should be in Colorado Springs late tonight! Looking forward to meeting everyone in the coming weeks.
Don't go with your first choice. It's in a crapy area. Look right outside Gate three. You pretty much can't go wrong there. Or for that matter, live on post. A buddy of mine lives on post and while some (definitly not all) look ugly from the outside, the insides are really nice and have good square footage. This is probably your best option especially if you are going to deploy soon anyway.

Good luck on your trip, I did it from Atlanta to here in '05.
Cool, I will go look around tomorrow... I am here though!!! I am at Quality Inns and Suites off Garden of the Gods. I am about to go to sleep... I have been in the jeep since columbia, sc... 1700 miles with the detours I took to drop of buddies and see family. Tomorrow, I have to take my buddy to the airport in Denver and I have to report in by midnight. I am kind of nervous, I don't know what to expect.

Wonder how long before they give me my time to go get my family... I hope it is soon. I also heard that they make me stay in like some reception barracks... I hope not, I would rather stay in a motel.

I am going to go look around gate 3 first thing tomorrow. I heard good and bad about on post but for some reason, I prefer to keep it off post. I wanted to move to colorado a couple years ago but couldn't afford it, so I went to TN. So I want to settle in here and when my military time is up, stay if I can find work. Do my time(s) in the desert, serve my country, go to school, and start a life. Who knows, I could decide to never leave the military, it grows on me everyday.