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any advice for lift install?


NAXJA Forum User
I just ordered a RE 3.5 kit for my XJ. I will be installing it as soon as it arrives. Is there any things/problems/advice that i should know of that will help me out? I am going to soak all suspension components with penetrating spray for the next few days, i heard that it helps alot. But what else should i look out for or do?
Also, should i do degree shims and a transfer case drop?? I can't afford a SYE right now. I am running a 96 so prob. have vibes.
Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks NICK
That pre-soak is critical, especially if you live in the "Rust-Belt" where salt is put on icy roads in winter. Pay special attention to the front sway bar and rear upper shock mounts. I tried upgrading my shocks without squirting them with a penetrant and 'SNAP' went the bolt. I put a 3" lift on my 94 and was lucky enough to have a couple friends help me, one of whom had air tools. We still only got the rear done the first day. Just be sure you have all the correct parts there before you start, and be sure to follow the instructions. I tried to cut a few corners and ended up having to do what the instructions said anyway only it took twice as long. I had no T-case lowering kit and still have no problem with vibes, but I heard on the 96 and up you really need either that or an SYE. No personal experience with that though. Have Fun!