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Alternator upgrade

Erik Litchy

NAXJA Forum User
Pekin IL
Ok my jeep came stock with a 100 amp CS130. I have rebuilt it once already then found out that the more powerfull upgrade is the CS144. what make/model do I ask for at the parts store to get one of these.


I got my 140 amp CS-130 from alternatorparts.com. He will help you get the right alternator for your application. He along with others sell the iceberg mod on his CS-130s. He also has a nice write up on going to the CS-144.

I think a CS-144 will fit if you don't have front tow hooks, the mounting bolts for mine may cause a problem. I never tried one on my 88 XJ but thought I'd go with the upgraded CS-130.

Before you buy the new alternator do the craig H wiring upgrade. In addition to what he has I suggest you add a bouding strap, same gauge as you upgraded cables, from the alternator case to the chassis. I found 24 inch is as long as ou want to have this wire, anything longer and you won't see a difference on the dash board volt meter.

Here the Craigh write up: http://www.olypen.com/craigh/charge.htm

I want to be able to get this at a local store like napa or autozone. they would ask what make/model would have this part.
I can't tell you what model to say but think a Cadillac would have it. I read it was used 87-99 on GM cars. I do know there are two hole spacings so you will have to make sure the mount holes on the CS-144 is the same as you CS-130.

I saw a early 90s Lesabre with the same alternator as mine but had a different mounting hole spacing. I will say the alternator did look strange.

If you have a local alterntor rebuilding shop close buy they would be the best people to tell you what will work.