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All AAT workdays cancelled until further notice.


Only Marble Sharp
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As a result of the fires and the volatility of the brush, the San Bernardino national Forest is currently closed. As a result we cannot run our adopted trails, as they are closed. I will update as the situation changes.
I think everything is pretty much shut down til early next year, but that's just my guess...
I'll give you the god damned update....the universe is closed until further notice because nobody likes the way the election is going. We'll be on lockdown til the ****ing cows come home.
It appears that trails are open except for those on the San Gorgonio side. Also the usual seasonal closures are in effect such as Clarks grade and Heart Bar. Camping whether it be campgrounds or dispersed are also closed/prohibited.

Our adopted trails are open. As far as AAT workdays are concerned I'm going to need some help. If anyone can lead a workday (typically the 4th Sat. of the month) feel free to post up.

2N49 had massive amounts of material to remove. There is what appears to be a roof tear off among other items. At least two trips to the dump.
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