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airbag replacement - '95


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Is there anything other than the airbag unit that will have to be replaced to make it operational again, i.e. sensors and such?

I assume the insurance will want me to replace it before they will insure it.
no. You should just be able to do the bag. I don't believe it has sensors like the newer cars do. My Wrangler had a computer for the air bag, which when / if the vehicle was hit would figure out wether or not to deploy the bag.

Your insurance company won't ask if it has a bag. They'll most likely get that info from your VIN #. HOWEVER...if your involved in another wreck and they find out you don't have a bag...odds are you'll be on your own.
The airbag in a 95 is self-contained. There are some precautions on removing and installing it so that it doesn't go off in your face. If you decide to do this work yourself post back and get the info on how to disarm it.