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Adding a New BOD Position


Nevada Raisins
NAXJA Member
We are adding a position to the BOD roster. Sponsorship Coordinator is an essential position that lets us get all the awesome prizes for our raffles. This is a big job as we get some prizes from national but we try very hard to seek out our own sponsors from vendors all across the country. Blondejoncherokee has been filling this position unofficially for the last year or so. He is doing a killer job and we would like to make it official. So we are adding him and his position to the Board of Directors of the Sierra Chapter.
Blondejon has been doing a great job. Thank you for all of the hard work.
Thanks Casey! Its good to hear that. It is a ton of work but its also fun work.
Ditto, thanks Blondejon!
you da man Jon!!!