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Action shots of Lesslimited?


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Clarkdale, AZ
here's an action shot. that parking lot at the badlands is pretty hardcore :worship:



....for real though, i'll double check if i have any
Beezil said:
i think we have a few actions shots of you making breakfast in bed for mcgyver....

Let's see em. We haven't had enough embarassing pics, since you refused to ham it up like you did at the November get-together. And honestly- all I did was nuke him a frozen breakfast burrito and pour him some OJ :D
As to the parking lot, at least I had some mud on it then :anon:
I have never seen John in action, I gotta say he is the most laid back guy I have ever met.

This is the closest I could come....I stole this from someone..


seanR said:
Here is an action shot of you in the hotel room!
Yeah, great :rolleyes: looks like I'm staring into your armpit. At least I was drinking a Firerock.
There were several opportunities we had that particular Sunday, but this is probably the best one we had ... it's better than the one of you looking down seanR's shirt ..


Damit ... this AM the BRX came up ... last night the pic loaded ...

Here is another try ...


Thanks, Les, that's more like what I'm looking for. Anyone else got anything?
Beezil said:
i think we have a few actions shots of you making breakfast in bed for macgyver....


so how long have you been waiting for me to reply to this?

mac 'never slept better at a campground' gyvr