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AC/heater controls dont light up


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Auburn, AL
This problem has got to be a short in the wiring b/c awhile back it came on and then went off again after a week or so. I opened the dash and looked around but "wiring aint my thing". If anybody has had this problem and found a fix please let my know.
Check the bulb too. I had a dash light that went off/on and it turned out that the filiment in the bulb was broken, but still made contact once in a while.
Jeep on!
My 88' did that for awhile, it would come back on when I turned the vent on. weird. So about a week later the head light switch went belly up. So a dash pull later, the ground on the bulb was done. Don't know if it had anything to do with the head lights, but one thing leads to another.