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Abs is gone new questions!


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Grant, Michigan
My abs is gone (whoohoo) I have lots of brakes now but the pedal is a little mushy. I've had the MC bench bled, and the system bled. ALL parts at the wheels are new (calipers, cylinders,shoes etc).
question 1
Could the smaller rear cylinders be the reason for the mushiness?
Question 2
How do you get the darn Brake light to go off (pull the bulb??)?
Depending on the year/how old the soft brake lines could be expanding when you apply the brakes. Might want to consider replacing them with new ones. The brake lights are controlled by a switch and if the pedal is not coming back up high enough the switch stays on. I've never looked for mine and am assuming it is somewhere near the top of the brake pedal. Switch could also be stuck too.
The brake pedal is coming up all the way, I don't know why its not working but I'll try adjusting it a bit. I'll contemplate the new lines. Gotta take care of some other important stuff first though. Thanks!
If the soft lines are expanding, that's the last step before breaking... Not very important unless you're doing 70 when it happens... Just food for thought.
What do you have for brakes front and rear?

Is it the "Brake" light or the "Check Antilock" light? You're talking about the warning lights to the left of the dash, correct?

The "Brake" light uses a sensor that's in the proportioning valve to activate it. Mines unplugged because I used an adjustable valve and the light is not one so simply having it unplugged probably isn't the cause.