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A Few Questions


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I am getting ready to give my 90 XJ 2 door a fresh coat of paint.....I am going to weld in new rockers which i already have.......i am looking for the PS rear lower quarter......anyone know where i can get??...online?????...i plan on removing the factory roof rack......all the bolts are rusted and leaking....any advise or tips on repairing it properly so it will not leak again????.......I would like to find replacement gaskets ie door seals ect..any good suppliers of these...........Thanks
Cheap body parts can be had here and here (check the years on those links). You can also look for original old-stock panels on Omix-Ada web site, get the part number, and special order through Quadratec. Rockauto also sells some body parts under the Exterior-Body Parts selection, which may be usable for ya.

Best way to fix your roof rack is pull out the headliner and look in the seam to find the rusty/leaky nutserts, then drill or chop the the heads off those and they'll fall inside (be careful not to nick the roof metal). You can get new nutserts from the dealer but they are kind of pricey ($5 each); if you get third-party nutserts make sure the flange will fit through the rack before you mount them. They are 6mm threaded, and are pretty easy to install--I used a little piece of steel plate with a small hole to press the top down, then used a hex bit through the hole to pull the nutsert up. A little bit of silicon adhesive under the flange before clamping them down will make them weather tight. New 6mm stainless steel button head screws will not corrode as quickly, and can be ordered from Fastenal or McMaster-Carr or other places.

Weatherstripping from the junkyard worked great for my doors. I actually used ZJ weatherstripping, pressed it in so that it was not drooping anywhere, and then snipped off the rest. I had to use XJ weatherstripping for the hatch though, since ZJ has a smaller hatch opening.