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A/C O-rings, Compressor seals


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Over the past 3 weekends, I've been replacing the A/C components. I did the Heater-Air box with a brass heater core, and replaced the evaporator. Then the Orifice Tube, Drier and compressor (rebuilt) this past weekend. I was also working on my '98 XJ.
For some reason, I didn't make the distinction of XJ vs WJ. So, the seals for the compressor were not in the kit.
So, I had to find some. I did get the correct kit at O'Rielly's. They were black or Buna-N. On the '98, I had used those a few years back. They were hard and chipped out. On the 2000, they were the green fluoride type. They seemed OK. I bought some of the seals at a different NAPA. They were an orange color. I think Nitrile.
I was wondering if others had experience with the quality or longevity of these types of seals? Also, any place to order the green type?