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A 4.7 build!


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A while back I got a call from Russ P asking about some possible assistance for one his motors he's doing all the work on for a client here in Phoenix. I have been in contact with the XJ owner all week (and Russ)so as to arrange for assembling the motor. Should be another interesting build as Russ has got a few new tricks to the build!
Will be interesting on what Russ is up to. I like the flexibility in what he offers. Sort of al a carte. Also, his head porting is so nice.
So far the only thing I know of is in cam options for both the early and late model cams. As far as I know they still don't make a good timing set for the late cams. Bill is supposed to contact me this week to make arrangement to meet him and his XJ!
I had two 1999+ cams ground by Schneiders. I did plan on looking at getting some improved timing chain sets made. Sim's Precision Machining makes sets for BOP motors. From what I can gather Scott uses(D) a set in a DD. +8 HP. Also, I wonder is the stabilization of the cam, would help with the distributor gear wear. I could not find a daul row timing set for the 1999+ 4.0L. I had to use an earlier Comp Cam in my 4.6L stroker. I did get Russ's cam position button.
The Xj has been here for 3 weeks but I finally got a green light to start tearing it down. I'll start tomorrow and plan to pull the motor on Saturday and start tearing it down!
It looks good, but mostly the wrong stuff! It's already hot out but I should be ready to pull the motor tomorrow.



I was hoping to find a tapered ring compressor but that size is impossible to find on the shelf. Summit list's one available in "October"! Got to go back to the "old school" method!

Having worked with both, the tapered ones are well worth the money.

Exactly what size do you need? Maybe someone else has one and would be willing to lend it out?
At .060" over it's 3.935", I still have one more place to check with Monday!
I just went and checked: All of mine are over 4.0"
I've got at least a dozen adjustable's but the owner said he found a 3.935" one. He still hasn't taken the block down to the machine shop yet so it's just sitting now!
Bill finally picked up the block yesterday so it's time to get started. Today I will run a tap in all the bolt holes to get them checked/cleaned up. Tomorrow I will start deburring the block and get it cleaned for paint. Today/tomorrow Bill said he was coming over to clean the engine bay!
This is not going well as we're about to enter the 4th month. Bill is working at a snails pace and has only got the block painted (not my choice of color) since we got the block and everything else back.
Off to a strange start today, was doing all the pre-assembly to measure clearance's and the thrust bearing oil hole does not line up with the oil galley. Bill got the bearings from Russ so he will call him tomorrow. They are Mahle bearings but it is still a mystery!
Bill came over to take pics for Russ, when he was done I stepped outside to see what's up and he had the thrust bearing on journal #4 (oops) so all is good to go again.
He's tapped of the pressure "check" port with adapters, I'd like to see it go away!