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99 XJ np242 with SYE:


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Just a feeler cause I just ordered my 231, but I will be selling my 99 np242 t-case with RE hac n tap SYE. The case is in grea tshape and works flawlessly it also only has 78k miles on it. I am selling to get the added GC of a 231 before I go TNT LAs. Just don't need the fulltime much down here in bama.

$300 obo.
The case is basically useless without the flange, so I wouldn't jump into parting it out.

Do you also have a rear driveshaft? Or are you keeping it for the 231? I wouldn't think you would be, because Hack and Tapping a 231 is basically pointless with all the SYE options out there.
Yeah, 242s really only have hack n' taps. Which is why I don't want to do it to mine. I only started out at 3" of lift, now I want more and I'm afraid I'll end up with a long arm setup in the end. However I might not, I'm thinking 33s are where it's at for me.
I can add the driveshaft for an extra cost, its a High Angle Driveline shaft about $300 by itself new.