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97 Swap MJ / 2000 XJ Instrument Cluster "No BUS" tested


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Long time since I've poked around, but still seem some old Winterfest names. Got a new project for my son and I. 89 short bed Comanche, 2000 xj donor. We've completed the swap and are finishing procedures for initial startup.

Effectively it is a 2000, no wiring splices for inside the cab or dash were done. I utilized the 2000 xj doors, complete engine bay and engine wiring harness, computers, pdc, connectors, inside fuse panel, etc all stock to a 2000.

On Instrument Cluster with ignition on I'm getting a "NO Bus" message. Here's what I've done.
1. Verified at DLC between pins 3-11 that I'm receiving an error of 60ohms.
2. With all engine sensors unplugged, TCU and Airbag module unplugged still receiving error of 60ohms.
3. With Instrument Cluster unplugged I'm receiving a "pass" of 120ohms.
4. Plugged all sensors back in, Instrument Cluster unplugged "pass" of 120ohms.

I believe I've isolated the CCD Bus termination error to the Instrument Cluster.

Reconnect Battery plug instrument cluster back in
At the DLC I'm receiving 2.5 volts across pins 3-4/5 as well as 11-4/5

So I run the Instrument Cluster diagnostics, instrument cluster passes.

I've checked grounds at engine bay (G101) and passenger lower dash (G108).

I've cleaned with a file the leads for the instrument cluster. Before the swap I was not having this issue, but instrument cluster was in a pile of interior parts for a bit as we swapped. I don't want to forget about a ground or overlook any additional troubleshooting I can do.

I believe at this point I've isolated to a faulty instrument cluster (or potentially the wiring). Any additional steps that should be taken before purchasing a junkyard one to test?
So I can't edit my posts-but always a good thing to double read. Correct Bus "pass" is 60ohms, not 120. So-my CCD bus is indeed passing @60 Ohms.

To further troubleshoot I've isolated the PCM C3 connector is receiving 12v and grounds have continuity. Wire A17 (the 5v supply for sensors) is outputting .77v from the PCM.

I disconnected all engine sensors once again, and still am receiving a .77v output from PCM. Tried another PCM I had laying around, and received the same output on A17.