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97 doors 'n' switches


NAXJA Forum User
Are the 97-up 2 door switches pretty much the same as the 4 doors? I have some 01 doors for my MJ truck and know where a good set of 98 two door switches are., but I dont want to make the hour trip if the 2 door switches arent going to fit my 4 door panels.. Thanks, jt
I would be very surprised if there was a change in the design of the door switch simply because of a change in the number of doors. The A-pillar is the same regardless.

Jim www.yuccaman.com
The 2 dr switches will most likely be identical in size, but since you lack the two rear doors, than you will only have the two front window switches.

The 2 door switch plate will either have blanks or a filler plate where the other two are...