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96 XJ cranks but does not start


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My 96 XJ shut down. Like someone flipped a switch while waiting for a traffic light. Engine cranks but does not start. I have replaced the PCM (computer), distributor, rotor, CPS, distributor pick up coil and coil pack. Fuel pump is working and I have plenty of fuel pressure at the rail and the ASD relay is working. I am not getting a spark. Anyone have any suggestions as to what is going on?
Check wiring for something shorted or grounded out.

My '96 did the same thing when the wiring for the O2 sensor got too friendly with the header and grounded a wire.

If not that, work on your grounds. This was my experience with an intermittent stall:


Beyond those, have you plugged in a noid light and confirmed you have a signal to the injectors?

What is your actual fuel pressure reading?

ETA: Long shot, but what is your actual voltage at rest and while cranking?
Check the harness going down the firewall behind the intake. We have had several instances of it getting a spot worn in it. When it happened to me Luigi would die when put into reverse.