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96 handbrake housing leaking


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Los Angeles
So as the title suggests it looks like my handbrake is leaking oil. I'm baffled. Any ideas?

96 xj 4wd ax15

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That is pretty odd.

My first thought (from the title) was that something forward was leaking, oil was collecting on the bottom of the housing and then dripping off it. But looking at the pictures, the only part of that housing that looks oily is the very bottom. The forward part appears to be totally dry.

My next step would be to pull the console and look for how the oil is getting to the brake lever. Best guess I can manage is that somehow oil is getting from your shift tower to the brake lever, but even then, I find that to be a stretch. If that were the case I would expect far more oil to be dripping off the transmission itself.

You don't happen to have a leaking jug of used oil sitting in your console, do you? Or a console mounted mechanical oil gauge? I cannot imagine any normal source of oil in that area.
So I have the model without the center console which means no cupholders and apparently my coffee cup was leaking onto the ebrake... 😣

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You might try some Bar's Leak COFFEE additive and see if the leak is fixed.
Glad you figured it out. While the color may look like oil, it's pretty runny. You can see how it ran down the driveway which make it look more like water.