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95 XJ PVC valve?


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I have a 95 XJ with the 4.0 engine and 135K miles. It burns about 1qt of oil every 1000 miles, but there isn't the slightest trace of blue smoke or funny smells. I had an Eclipse that burnt exactly that same amount of oil, and it would smoke pretty bad during start up and a bit during idle. I found some oil in the air filter, so I suspect the PCV valve might be causing this, but I can't find it. I just see a rubber grommet on the valve cover, and a hose going from the grommet to the air filter. Is the PCV valve under the grommet, or am I missing something?
Thank you.
There is no PCV valve on the 4.0 engine. The oil in the air filter is solved by removing the valve cover and giving it a thorough cleaning. Not sure where your oil is going.
As others have pointed out, you have no PCV valve on the 4.0.

I suggest you perform a compression test, and/or a vacuum test on the engine. I would be looking for leaky rings, or bad valve seals. Those two tests would narrow it down real quick.....
I had a closer look, and the rubber fitting on the rear hose (that goes from the valve cover to the intake manifold) was cracked and some oil was dripping. I replaced the fitting and I'll keep my fingers crossed!
As far far as blow by is concerned, pinching the big hose going to the air cleaner, and with the hose removed from the rear one, I can see some mist/smoke coming out at the same rate a smoker would exhale cigarrette smoke slowly (at idle). I'm sorry, I can't give you a more accurate description. Would this be normal?