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95 XJ Front leaf hanger


NAXJA Forum User
My passenger front leaf hanger on my 95 xj is almost done for. It hasn't shifted at all but I want to do something about it soon as I'm going to put floor pans in it in the next couple weeks. I also want to do the drivers side hanger. All I could find is the Ironman 4x4 leaf spring stretch kit which I'm pretty much set on because they're alot heavier duty. However I believe they're meant for if you wanted to put a different axle in the rear. I'm not sure. I wanted to know if there's any options that are a little heavier but are only meant for the stock Chrysler 8.25. Would the 8.25 bolt up to the Ironman hangers? Maybe the Ironmans would be better for the future if I ever wanted to change axles. I think the $235 pricetag is justified but anything cheaper would be a plus too. Thank you.
That kit doesn't care what axle you have!