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93 and up rear wiper wiring


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The rear wiper motor on my 90 went out. I picked up one from a 94, the wiring is different. I have the diagrams for the 90, does anyone have the diagrams for a 93 or newer wiper motor, it has 4 wires instead of three.
95 diagram shows following terminals:


If I'm reading this correctly, "feed" is 12 v + in; it's connected to the washer terminal of the switch and runs the motor continuously while the washer is washing, as well as powering the pump motor itself.

Later models run only intermittently in the "on" position. There is no intermittent module shown in the diagram, so I am assuming it is internal to the motor, and "run" is the connection for this.

"Park" is always hot when ignition is on.

The connector nearest the motor is C323, on a 95, and terminals are labeled thus (colors are for vehicle side of wiring harness, I think):

1 = Ground - black
2 = Rear washer pump motor control - black/yellow
3 = Rear washer run
4 = Fused Ignition switch output
Thanks Matthew,
I got out there and played with the wiring. I still haven't figured out the why part, but it does work. It looks like on the 90, both wipe and wash are powered through one wire. And then the second to last wire gets no connection. The last wire is the ignition hot. All I can figure is that the later models have a seperate wire for wipe and wash so that leaves the one terminal open on the new motor. I will say it works better than it ever did. All for 7.95 and a couple of wire connectors. One strange quirk is that when you turn the wiper off, it continues to run for a minute before it stops. Not sure why though.
Later models do indeed have a separate wire for wipe and wash, because "wipe" is always intermittent - a single stroke, then a delay. Wash gives it three strokes in a row. I'm not sure why the motor should run on as it does, but as long as it works at all, you're ahead of most New England XJ's!
I installed an 89 wiper motor on a base 92 which never had a wiper, I just plugged in the the switch turned it on and checked each wire. But i would rather have the intermit. Saw a rear switch on ebay for int, said for 95 xj. But i wonder now if your right that would be better because the the switch plate is the the same screw holes.
When you say latter model what years do you mean.
I put a 95 motor in my 89, I can not remember exactly how I wired it but I can take a look b/c the back panel is still off. What I do remember doing is getting rid of the delay module that is attached to the new motor, and attaching the old plug to the new motor, I had the wiring diagrams but was too lazy to figure it out. It was not worth the time to figure it out.

I took one out of a 93 and unsoldered the wires. then soldered the wires from my 88 to the 93 motor in the position they were soldered on the 88 motor.

works great.
Just installed 93 mtr and just did'nt use the gray wire. It works in intermit but when I use the wash feature it only wipes once. I'll just turn it on at intermit which is better than constantly on.