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91 XJ Laredo Rear Bumper Endcaps Needed


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Louisville, KY
they have to be near perfect, no visible blemishes or dents or dings at all. don't care about the color.

stupid sheriffs and title inspections....arrgh...
Quadratec for new ones. Otherwise buy some old ones off ebay or go to the j-yard.
yeah, get this: with a salvage title, you have to get a sheriffs inspection to insure it's not stolen and it's roadworthy. well, the xj was totalled because the guy hit a deer, all front end damage. so, i fixed it and it's totally road worthy. well, the way the "inspection" statute reads, it says "all damage must be repaired", and they go strictly by the book. i have to repair two small dents in the doors and replace a cracked (mind you, cracked, not broken) taillight, and have all the trim pieces on it, AND the little bumper end caps have to be replaced because they're dented in... i was so pi$$ed...it is so friggin stupid.

so, anyway, that's where i'm at.

as far as ebay, a junkyard, or store goes: couldn't find any on ebay when i looked, junkyards around here want way to much for anything, and i didn't really need new ones. figured with as many bumpers we replace on jeeps someone may have a couple good endcaps lying around...i mean, this is the "wanted" to buy forum....thanks for the suggestion though.
thanks dude! i was also directed to the one's on qudratec...when i searched for 'em, nuthin came up...they're about the same price, too.

i was hopin more for like $10 for a set :}
sold! $10 a set, black plastic , theyre yours if you want them- Aaron