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90 xj with 5in lift for sale


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rowlett, tx
I have a 1990 xj with a 5in lift ... 3in which is procomp and 2in of other lift provided by spacers and blocks. This jeep is in great shape here is a list of mods and replacement parts i have put onto it...
lift, rims, 31in xtterains, tube bumpers front and back, bed liner all throughout the xj, new headliner, new computer and almost all new wiring, alternator, starter, water pump, radiator, fan clutch, power steering lines, distributor-the whole thing not just the cap, new spark plugs and wires, 4 new fuel injectors-other 2 in pretty good shape, new fuel pump and filter, k&n filter, 4x4 posi lock, new brakes pads and shoes, new drums and rotors, new rear driveshaft and rear cone output shaft on t-case, new 4x4 linkage on tcase for engagement, motor mounts, 200 watt jvc stereo-(verynice), recent alignment, ujoints, new balljoints, new tracbar, and a tierod replaced, crossmember and crossmember support from a recent xj, all sensors replaced, recently replaced battery and terminals, timing chain, recently replaced thermostat, bushwacker fender flares with loads of room for trail read 33's, procomp lower control arms, pro comp es3000 shocks with new bushings on the front two. there is more but that is all i can remember at this time. the lift has only been on about a year and suprisingly after hearing procomps reputation it works extremely well. The xj has 122,300 miles and has many many more to go. The engine and the transmission are in very good shape. oil has been changed about every 2000 to 2500 miles. The jeep is silver and the paint throughout the whole body is in pretty good shape only a slight bit of fading on the hood and the roof which you cant really see. I have never really worked this jeep that hard it was mainly my everyday driver and my occassional transportation to my fishing spot. But as you can see I have put loads of money into making this a nice working everyday driver but ready to take on the trail I am really looking to get about 10K out of the jeep but I will be negotiable. If interested please post and i'll email some pics- i still have to scan the pictures-thanks
Hate to burst your bubble, but I dont think you will get 10k out of it. Maybe 7k....even with all the mods. Mainly b/c its not an H.O.
xjbroncofreak said:
Try between 4 to 5K

What he said...........from what I can tell, the only upgrades are:

Pro Comp 5" lift: $465.99
2" BB: $100
Bushwacker Cut Out Flares: $353.95
31" Xterrains:5 - $1150
Front and Rear Tube Bumpers: $400
Pro Comp ES 3000 Shocks: $120
Rims: $500 (Going Expensive to be safe)
Bedliner: $300 (Again $ to be safe)

Total: $3388
KBB For your XJ: $3545

So it comes out to around 7 grand, and no one is going to pay full price for a used XJ it just doesn't work like that. So between 4 to 5K is the answer, sorry but selling this isn't going to buy you a brand new car.........:rolleyes:
Too bad the price is way high
I live in Rowlett and if the price were MUCH lower, I might think about it
im lookin for a jeep

im looking for a jeep, i might have to agree that thats not in my price range, which is more like5-6k, but anyway i still would like to see some pictures-thanks-chase