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'90 Base Model XJ... Wanting to add on options

My '90 XJ is a base model, and while I've done alot of offroading mods, there's alot of factory options that I'd love to add on, to make it not so 'base'.

Is there anyone out there that has added on the following options to theirs, that can provide feedback on the installs, and parts needed lists...

Cruise Control - I see kits on E-bay all the time for the post '91 HO years, but none for the '90 or older XJs. Can't get it from the dealer either.

Rear Dome Light - I assume that the wiring would be under the headliner, and all I'd have to do is get the light?

Rear Sound Bar - Don't know when these were introduced, and whether wiring would be present on mine.

Under Dash Lighting? - Did XJ's come with dome lights under the dash too?

Power Door Locks - A mod that I'd love to add in! How many parts would be needed to do this?

Overhead Console - Don't know if they were offered for the 1990's

Underhood Light - (I guess I could go with any vehicle brand on this one)

Additions I've already added on:
Rear Wiper - (still need to get the double pump washer reservior)
Fog lights - (uses factory wiring and switch... aftermarket lights)
Full gauge cluster - (got rid of the stupid idiot lights, and gained a tach)
Full Center Console - (I still want the overhead one too)
Added cruise control to an '88 Pioneer. I bought mine from the Sears catalog. They don't sell it any longer, but I'm 90% sure it's the same one that JC Whitney sells. I put it on in 1995 and it still works great, and looks like factory. (The under-hood actuator is different, but the steering column control is OEM look-alike)
Rear Dome light:

Ya the wiring is underheadliner. Would be incredibly easy to grab it at a PNP or other junkyard for like 5 bucks.

I have a underdash Light as well, no bulb in it, didnt even knolw i had it till I was installing some speakers and i was under there. Just a little yellow bulb holder.
Cruise control = JC Whitney
rear overhead speaker bar = buy on ebay(rare right now, I payed $80 for mine and its never been installed) BUT, you have to have rear stock speakers, otherwise wiring will be a bitch.
underhood dome = anything....see on ebay frequently
Overhead console = you may be able to throw one in, but you will have to find a top end 86-92 i think and take it out. I dont know the wireing situation on it...mine was stock.
power door locks are an easy upgrade = prolyl jc whitney again
underdash lights = cant help you there.
My cherokee was not equipped with rear speakers. I am not sure about the 90, but my 93 had the wiring for the rear speakers and dome light pre-wired and tucked in the driver side rear pillar. I purchased a sound bar from a jeep recycling yard, changed out the old speakers with some new ones and just plugged in the existing wires and have not had any problems. Probably one of the easier upgrades I have done.
My Jeep was a plane 2 door sport. Not now. I have added an overhead console, underdash lights, cruise control, remote starter, rear wiper, power door locks, keyless entry. For the underdash lights the wires are already there, under the dash. Just make sure you get you year and the mounting brackets. If you want there is also wiring under there for an ashtray light and lighter light it was part of a light group option. The sonud bar was not an option on a 1990 the speakers were part of the rear hatch and the wires should be there already im sure they are. As for the power locks i got a kit off e-bay and mounted them were the stock ones do very easy. The cruise control i just went to a pick a part and got all of the parts from another jeep.
This is what the cruise looks like, http://www.4x4trailhunters.com/article.php?id=15. For the over head console that was not as hard as i thought i was going to be. 1990 was the first year it was an option. The only wires already there is for the temp sensor behind the front bumper. I got mine off ebay you just have to keep looking for one. The wiring is not that hard there is a bunch of stuff on this forum. Once you have one you going to like it i do the reading light are nice. I hope this helps you.
Check your rear hatch panel for the grilles for speakers - my 93 Sport had the wiring in place behind that to put speakers into the hatch, and in some ways I'm kicking myself for going for a sound bar.
Overhead console is pretty easy. Here's how I did mine http://www.underground-ink.biz/Jeep_cherokee_1990/jeep_index.htm Some will have some or all of the wiring already installed, others don't. Just all depends. pull one off a '91 if you can. I've found they seem mroe common to find for some reason.

Underdash lights are easy to do. They wire up with the dome/courtesy light. I"ve added a third for a bit more lighting myself.

For under the hood, grab the large one that sits off center.[I believe both '89's and '90's have it, not sure what other years] It has a pull-out light on it which can be quite useful. It plugs in right near the overflow bottle, so you may have the connector right there.

Rear sound bar seem to be like finding a unicorn. I've yet to come across one, I believe they came out sometime in the mid-90's Still something I'm looking out for.

Not sure about the doors or not. Haven't decided if it's worth putting in the auto locks or not, although I am planning on putting one in for my rear hatch for ease of use. Just don't know how to wire that up yet, and one of my doors has the hardware for it already in. I come across the needed parts a lot at the wreckers when I go there.

Dependingif you've done skid plates or not already, you can easilly upgrade to front and rear skids if you can find, and there's also a transfer skid plate, but I've yet to see one in my travels.

Good luck on the options! Always got to go for the customized upgrade options when ya can!
I've got almost everything you will need for the cruise control system from a '90. Does your rig have that hole in the firewall shown in that write up mentioned above? PM me if you interested in buying it or parts.
HI Cykaaro, i read your page on the overhead install wish i had that when i put mine in. Mine is a 90 to and were was the harness for it mine has the temp sensor wire in it but can you tell me exactly where the harness was for yours.
Aquit45 said:
HI Cykaaro, i read your page on the overhead install wish i had that when i put mine in. Mine is a 90 to and were was the harness for it mine has the temp sensor wire in it but can you tell me exactly where the harness was for yours.

Hehe, exactly why I wrote it up. There's bits and pieces of info around, but nothing all put together. When I took apart the dash around the glove compartment and had the lower dash and A pillar off, I was looking to see what wiring I had that I could tap into to wire it up. Wedged right up on the right side underneath the glove compartment I found a connector not used. Checking my pics I took when I ripped the donor out [I do a lot of recon photos when I'm at the wreckers with my digital for checking back on etc] it was the only such connector on that side, so testing the wiring harness, it fit right up. Only difference was being that the wire colours are a bit different in the '91's, but they do the same job. It just meant taking another trip to the wreckers an researching and finding what colours were which. If you have the temp sensor, chances are you'll have the other one, as the sensor goes to that connector. Just feel aruond when you have the glove compartment pulled apart and you should be able to find it. I wasn't able to see it or know it was there without it apart, which is why you may not be able to find it. Once you find it, just carefully pull it down.
dizzymac said:
Saw an underhood light the other day on ebay, don't know if it is still there.
Just compare what the $$ is between eBay and you're local wreckers, and see what's cheapest. I find most wreckers, the underhood light is never taken. Shouldn't be too expensive at all. Probably get one here for $10CN, maybe less? Never had to get one so not sure what they'd charge exactly.

Here's one on eBAY but seems like the return spring inside is not working, or broken. It'll give you a visual of it at least