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88 xj 4.0 5 speed clutch bleeding


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installed new clutch pack and slave cyl/throwout bearing in my 88 4.0 and trying to bleed system. holds pressure great but i ve been bleeding for over an hour and pedal gets somewhat tight but have not been able to take anypressure off clutch to begin to put it in gear any tricks or tips are greatly appreciated scott
??? How are you bleeding it?? Are you saying that it does not release? If there is no air in the system and you stillhave no pressure to release the clutch, you may want to ck the master.

bleeding with one person in the cab pressing pedal and me on the ground loosening bleeder to expell air pedal pressure ok no leaks in the system including the master but not enough force to push in the pressure plate to allow shifting into 1st second or reverse just alot of grinding
I have had the master leak internally after replacing the slave. I would test the pressure on the master, sounds like it is not developling enough pressure. Also check the fluid, is it brown, or dirty looking? any bits of crud in there, these are symptoms of a bad master.