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87 xj for sale


NAXJA Forum User
Cypress, TX
i have a stripped 87 xj for sale with misc. parts. the engine threw a rod back in july of 2006 and ive been stripping it for parts but im getting rid of whats left. its a 2wd 87 4 door cherokee(red) it still has the D35 rear axel, all the doors, and some other random parts. im asking $300 OBO for it and your responsible for the pickup. if not sold by march first im taking to be scrapped.
im located in katy, texas. about 30 miles west of houston. let me know if you would like more information.
I live in Houston so I am interested, depending on what there is left of it. What is gone already, or what is left, depending on which is the shorter list! Is it totally stripped or mostly still there?

Any pictures?
its got quite a few parts still on it. ive been stripping most of it but it still has most of the interior, the steering, the block(trashed) rear axle, brakes, and some misc. parts. i was going to pull off the tires and sell them seperately but for a price you can have em. im in the midle of pulling the tranny but you can buy that too if you want. let me know asap on here or via email [email protected] because if you dont want it its going away tom. morning.