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8.25 Question

Yea they are different unfortunately, if you upgrade to 29 spline you gotta get a new carrier, i have seen guys wheel those 27 spline shafts locked on 35s, id say get a different axle from the junkyard, it may end up cheaper (new 8.25 out of a late model xj). But if you do end up keeping this one, try to find like a track lock carrier in 29 spline if you can, rebuild it then use chromoly 29 spline shafts...
The bore is smaller on the 27 spline carrier, so 29 spline won't fit. If you are doing a locker, than no biggy, just get the 29 spline unit and some good aftermarket shafts. We stock all of these items.

In a Chrysler 8.25, is there a difference between a 27 spline carrier and a 29 spline carrier besides the spider gears?
You can machine the 27 spline carrier out to take 29 spline spider gears or lunchbox locker, but its really not worth the trouble.
I have posted this before but what the heck! Here are the differences besides the carrier.

Axle shaft diameter at the splines.

Side gears, see the size difference, this is why the carrier has to be changed

axle shafts