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8.25 dif bearings and ring question...


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bay shore, ny
I'm going to install an Auburn and gears soon, but have only a small window of time because my xj's a dd.

Can I install the new ring gear and carrier bearings before tearing the rear end apart?

Also, I received two sets of carrier bearings in the blister pack for the 8.25, one larger than the other. I have a '98 w/29 splines, does someone know which bearings fit this axle (if that's the determining factor)?

I appreciate any help, I'm trying to shave every minute I can off the job.


Yes, you can press the new bearings onto the Auburn diff before tearing the rear end apart. As far as the type to go on there of which you were given, not sure. Is the outside diameter the difference of those bearings?? If that IS the case, then you had better wait to tear the old diff apart to measure the size of the old diff bearings to make sure it will match. Was not aware there was any variation in later model 8.25's. Had no problem acquiring diff bearings when i installed the Trac-Lok on my '98. They did not need to know any more than just the year of the vehicle.

You are also replacing both the ring AND pinion gears?? That is a quite complicated job requiring some real tools you cannot make. Just reinstalling the ring gear on a new diff is not that big of a deal ordinarily, esp on these cool designed Chrysler axles.

Why an Auburn? Wanted something of higher quality than the Trac-Lok? They are better but MUCH more expensive and not rebuildable. Just wondering-
Don't press the bearings on.

don't press the bearings on untill you have an idea on what shims are needed to keep the preload and backlash. take your diff apart, pull the bearings and start with the shims that are there. it will give you a starting point and may even be dead nut. Re-gearing and installing diffs isn't easy, and can be time consuming. take your time and do it right the first time.
Both bearings' id the same, fwiw here's the timken pn's:

larger - LM603049,
smaller - LM102949

I'm doing both f&r and last summer bought most of the tools and all the parts, 4.10's and a TrueTrac for the front, and been doing research and talking to people ever since. When school ends in June I'll attempt the job.

Probably could have made one, but bought the 8.25 adjusting tool from the company that sells factory tools to dc mechanics.

I posted some pictures of the tool for someone on my site, www.stayvertical.com if you're curious.

Thanks for the help. I think I'll see if I can backtrack the bearings pns' to figure out which is correct. I did call the mail-order co. last year with same question, but really didn't get an answer, other then one pair should fit ok. They did come in the same blister pack though, with info that said they were for my axle.


Forgot to answer your question. I was told that the Auburn is better in snow, plus where I live, the only off-road areas are the beach and some abandoned factory complexes. Figured it would last long enough with 31's and a light foot.

Beezil, Yep your right I was wrong. I was thinking dana stuff. Even with the adjusters I wouldn't try to rush it.