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6 or 8 lug


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york, pa
now that my 8.8 full floater is all but done, i need to determine if i want 6 or 8 lug rotors and wheels. since they made dana 44's both ways i could do either. any input..

I'ld say it depends on your rim choice. If you are looking to get new rims anyway, you could get hummer rims with internal beadlock and run them on the 8 lug parts. If you already have 6 lug wheels, then that's probably the way to go. I do believe that the 8 lug stuff will add a bit to the width of the axle. 1" each side sounds right, but I'm not sure. Jeff
Hi, well, I was facing the same dilemma a couple of weeks ago 8 or 6 lugs. As it so happens, Venezuela is Toyota country and most are 6 lugs, so I chose to go 6 lug versus 8 (way beefier, cause i HAVE seen wheels roll by their vehicle after the lugs gave out, 6 lug yotas). Even so, i chose 6 because out in the jungle, or trail if i need a 2nd spare tire for whatever reason, that compatibility might be just what saves me or strands me. Also, I can get the stock 35 spline shafts for the rear with a 6 pattern adding about 1.18 inches (compared to stock) making it a direct bolt on spare if need should ever arise (im building 2 D60s now for my XJ).

Post some pics when you're done! Good luck.