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33 inch BFG MTs on Eagle Alloy 589s NOR CAL


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I have 5 33x12.50r15 BFG Mud Terrains mounted on 5 Eagle Alloys 589 wheels, 15x8 with 3.25" backspacing, 5on4.5 bolt pattern.

4 of the tires are at %50, the 5th is brand new, not a single mile on it. The sidewalls have no cuts. The wheels are all in great shape, some have very minor rockrash right next to the tire.

$350 for everything.

Pictures coming soon.

I would be willing to seperate the brand new one from the rest, in which case it will be $125 for new tire and wheel, $225 for the used ones.

All of this would cost over $1200 new, the wheels alone are $100 each new.

I live under an hour east of Sacramento and can deliver locally, I may consider shipping at the buyers expense. I will also be driving to Michigan in a couple weeks, so delivery along I-80 may be possible.

here's one of the a wheel:


Brand new one:
tread depth with quarter of brand new tire:

and tread depth with quarter in the same spot of a used tire:

as you can see, 1/2 tread is an accurate statement, it may help to hold a quarter in your hand as you look at these pics to get a real feel for what they have left.
tires & rims

Are the tires and rims still for sale? If so, I live in Sacramento and can come and pick them up. Please e-mail @ [email protected]