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3" Suspension Lift Components from 2001 XJ-->


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Aliso Viejo, CA
I took this off of my 2001 XJ 2-door over the last two months:
The jeep had 20K miles on it...AND NEVER made it off the pavement!!

1) 3" Coils- I guarantee that you will get 3" out of these. I had stock bumper and no bumper modifications. Not one bit of sag in these. They are manufactured by Procomp. I would like to get $30 for each coil. See the pics...

2) LCA's- These are 16" eye to eye, also in great condition. Bushings have no evidence of fatigue or cracking. I was hoping to get $30 each for these as well. These were also made by Procomp and came with the 3" kit.

3) Trackbar relocation bracket- This came w/ the 3" kit. $20 for this piece.

Check the link for pics of all of the above...
AND, I am very reasonable on shipping , keep in mind that I can ship to a business address for cheaper.

I also have:

1) 4.10 Ring and Pinion for D35. 15K on them and were professionally installed and removed by Drivetrain Direct in Corona, CA.

2) 36 Tooth Speedo gear for 4.10 and 31" tires. Looks brand new!
The LCA's may be spoken for BUT everything else is still tentatively available! JTS