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242 to 231 swap


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Uvalde, Texas
I'm debating buying a 87' wagoneer with the 242, and a d44. I can get it for $300. The 242 on the waggy is shot. I have an extra (non running) 87 xj with the 231 sitting out back. I've been researching this swap for quite awhile. I'm still trying to figure out the cheapest route. Both of these xj's have I6's and AW4's. The wag has a 44, and the extra xj has a 35. http://www.hobbyguild.com/jeep/index.html has a good write up on this swap. He says he still had problems with the front yoke and shaft. Has anyone done this swap before? I really want to fix this wagoneer to have as my dd. Then I can pump some more cash into my other 87' xj.
what are you saying? take the 231 from the parts xj and make the wag run, then build the t-case less rig?

anyway, front shaft will be the same, take the one from the 87 and throw it in the newer rig

throw an SYE in the 231 as you put it in and then get a new rear shaft made to fit the d44...

the 242 and 231 rear yokes are different IIRC...

good luck
XJ_ranger said:
the 242 and 231 rear yokes are different IIRC...

good luck

Different but will work on either case... the 242 yoke is a hair longer - same spline count and diameter.

The 242 Jeep won't have provision to connect the vacuum switch/harness that older 231 XJs have...so you won't have those spiffy "part time" or "full time" dash lights, but the speedometer cable will hook up.

Pretty easy swap IMHO.