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Long Island, NY
Here they are!

Feb - Beater Rigs
March - No theme
April - Street Jeeps/Super stock. 31" tire MAX, no beaters.
May - No theme
June - Dirty/Mud
July - Red, White, & Blue.
August - Competition Month. Racers, Crawlers, etc. Must be picture(s) of during a competition of sorts.
September - No theme
October - Camping/Overland. RTT, Trailers, or even a tent next to your XJ/MJ in some sort of dispersed campsite.
November - Roll/Flop
December - Holiday

In case anyone is wondering, I havent posted the January ROTM bc Ross didnt have any good quality/size pics of the ones he entered. So in the next calendar (if Andy is so kind to do them again!) I'll throw in another pic I have of his rig.
We need a project jeep theme/work in progress/sitting on jack stands theme. I would play :)