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2 sets of rims for sale


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Dayton, Ohio
I have two sets of rims that I was using on my Cherokee.
They are both 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern and are both 15" rims, and both sets are in great shape. I'd like to get $100 obo for each set. But I'd really just like to sell them.

The stock rims (5 matching) are about 5" backspacing, and the American Racing rims (4 matching) are about 3" backspacing.

Here are pics.

I'll be in Dallas on the 11th of May and I can bring these down to meet someone if need be.
Thanks for lookin'
Could you get more specific backspacing on those AR wheels? I might be interested if it's closer to 3.75". What part of Texas are you in?
PM'd you. Interested in either set (prefer stocks if still available) assuming they are 15x8 with at least 3.75" of backspacing. If you are willing to ship let me know how much to 95616.

I've gotten pm's from some local folks. If they fall through I'll consider shipping. They are both aluminum so shipping won't be that bad?!?
The AR's are 8" wide and the backspacing is 3 1/4"

The stock wheels are 8.5" wide and 5 1/4" backspacing

I'm located in Wichita Falls, TX just down the road from Lawton, OK.

I would perfer to sell locally before shipping but If they don't sell I will ship.

I'll have to pull the rubber off of the stock rims before I can get a shipping price for you.