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1st Quarter meeting minutes


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Well, first let me just say that this was a very.... um... informal meeting. :D

Members / non-members in attendance:

Special guest of honor: #772 Kris Jensen (ladywolf) who was back from her 2nd tour in Iraq, and transfering from Ft. Hood Tx. to Ft. Lewis in Washington State. Glad you could hang with us Kris!

#338 Troy Betka (Yellaheep) President
#805 Jeff Taylor (planefixer) Treasurer
#42 JohnJohn Paulson (JohnJohn)
#1338 Chris Chadwick (Sting25)
#797 Led Lancos (Led)
#696 Tom Houston (old_man)
#945 DJ Kittrel (91 Jeep Project)
#1818 Mark Reins (94CagedXJ)

Rick Wigle (Ranger Rick)
Frank Zimkas (Frank Z)
Mike Glasier (Hypoid)
Joe Hinson (Crash AF)
Jeff Neil (mountainfisher)

The meeting was held at Red and Jerry’s in Englewood and called to order around 7:15-ish. Most didn't hear a word I said about old and current business over the blaring emcee announcing the WWE PayPerView event going on in the bar next door. So, here's basically what I had to say:

Old business:

The first Tech Seminar went very well. Terry (87xjco) hosted the seminar at his shop in Aurora and we did the gear/locker install in DJ's (91 Jeep Project) D30. Terry (MMIXJ) brought his rig down as well to do the upper and lower ball joints. We had 8 people attend and all of us learned alot.

Colorado Fest dates were set tentatively for July 23 thru 28. We're still looking into a camping area to HQ the event and it's still possible we may have to alter the date to accomodate our reservations, but we'd like to keep it to this date. Stay tuned to the new thread in the Events Forum.

Current business:

The Seth Stanton memorial sticker campaign has been our primary focus since late December. This has been an awesome experience so far and those of us working behind the scenes have spent quite a bit of our time getting this done. Of course, we'd all rather not be doing this and chatting / wheeling with Seth, but the NAXJA community has really come together in a big way. Anna and Susan Stanton have both expressed loads of gratitude to all of us at NAXJA for our efforts. I'm proud of all of you guys in our Chapter for embracing this effort. The first run of stickers was 132 and we've sold every one of them with the exception of 20 stickers that we delivered to the Stanton family. 10 stickers went to the MWC to be sold at their Winter Fest event (Thanks Rev Den!) We have 132 more ready for purchase and will be hitting up Colorado4x4.org to contribute. Thanks also to DJ (91 Jeep Project) for doing the design work on the sticker, and Jeff (planefixer) for taking on the task of coordinating the sticker orders and shipping. Gary at Hot Rod Graphics did the vinyl work :http://www.highspeedautographics.com/

Justin (jrsxj98) has been working with our silk screener to do some ball caps, beanies and skull caps with the chapter logo embroidered on them. We also should have new banners for our events soon. Details about the hats will come soon.

New business:

I'll look into scheduling another Tech Seminar maybe in mid-April so stay tuned to the Chapter forum for that. I'm thinking we may focus on trail repairs such as tire puncture repair, bead re-seating methods, axle shaft swaps, winching do's and dont's and that kind of thing. PM me if you'd like to volunteer to instruct any of this or host it at your place / shop.

Treasurer's report:

I didn't ask Jeff to bring any current info to this meeting, but our account is getting a little thin which has us a little concerned for Colorado Fest expenses. Please - if you haven't purchased any Chapter logo stickers or t-shirts, PM planefixer to get yours soon.

The floor was opened to Members in attendance for any other new business, but nothing was offered up.

The meeting was adjourned at about 7:30-ish.
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