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1999 4 door xj

jeep pox

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Mesa, Az
Selling my xj. It's a 1999, 4.0L, ice cold ac, upgraded 3 core aluminum radiator, high flow water pump, 180° thermostat, 3 E-fans, brown dog motor mounts, auto, np231, one tons, 40's, Trailready converted H2 beadlocks, 4.5" lift, long arms, chevy 63" leafs in back with long shackle, bilsteins, 5.38 gears, locked front and rear, Adam's Driveshafts with 1350 ujoints, 2x3 angle iron stiffeners bumper to bumper, gas tank skid, 2x6 rock sliders welded into the rockers. Buying an xj and doing all this yourself would cost you about $11k in just parts and materials plus owning an xj to start or $15k-$20k to pay a shop. Asking $14k obo
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