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1996 XJ Low voltage to coil


NAXJA Forum User
My 96 XJ doesn't have enough voltage to the coil. On plug near fender side only .15 volts, on the plug near block I have about 10.70 volts. Engine won't start and it acts like its out of time. I have spark to plugs. Checked CPS and its seems good. Could it be the cam sensor. Tried to check that but my old antilog meter took a crap. I checked all grounds and looked for broken or melted wires. I thought someone here might have an I idea what is wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Mike
No I only have .15 volts. Barely any at all. But do have some spark at plugs. I understand I should have 12 volts continuous at plug on right, with key on and the other plug by the block should have 12 volts cranking engine. I'm stumped. Thanks Mike