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For Sale 98 XJ for Parts in Central CT (Whole vehicle / No part outs)


NAXJA Forum User
Aussie automatic locking differentials (front & rear)
Heavy duty steering box brace
Stabilizer link bushings
Crown Heavy Duty steering parts (drag link, track bar, pitman arm, adjustable control arm, tie rods, etc.)
Timkin front hubs and rear axle bearings, all with new seals
Upper and lower control arm bushings
All U-joints (Timkin) front axle, front drive shaft [Double Cardan joint] and rear drive shaft
Heavy duty 3" rear lift springs
New Flex plate, torque converter, and harmonic balancer
Powder coat Black wheels w/ General AT2 Grabber tires still with plently of tread
New oil pressure sending unit
All fluids serviced shortly before parking

Extras include:
Extra rear axle
Extra rear drive shaft
Home made Safari style roof rack