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1989 xj wing window fit

white hawk

NAXJA Forum User
Yakima, wa
I have a 1988 jeep xj loredo and need new wing windows. Since mine are busted out. Just got the jeep not long ago. I have wing windows that are a solid bar runs through the door. I picked up wing windows from a 89 and it has a ball instead. Question is can i just get the bottom where the ball is and ia it threaded on the end that goes in the door like the 88?
Mine has opening. I think they wing is interchangable. Went to a local jy and the newer style has the same nut setup as mine does. Will be testing as soon as i find good ones in the jy. Mine was solid not a ball on the bottom of the window.
I'm not sure what you mean by ball at the bottom. I've had mine out of my '88 to redo the weather stripping. Mine also pivot.

According to my parts guide, 87-89 are the same. 90 is different. Don't know how different. It doesn't list the glass separately. It's the whole frame with the glass.