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Name of vertical rollup window trim pieces?


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So - I need to replace the rubber/plastic window trim piece that runs vertically up the front of the front windows. To be specific, when I roll my drivers side window up and down, the edge closest to the front of the jeep runs in a grooved piece, which runs vertically to the top of the window, and seems to run below the bottom of the windowpane, into the door. Mine is chipped away on both sides, and my window rattles insanely as I drive.

I have googled endlessly and always get results for the pop-out outside window trim, and various other bits of trim, but never that piece. Maybe its part of larger kit, I'll buy the whole kit I don't care.

If anyone knows this part #, where to buy, or even what to call it so I can google it correctly, it would be greatly appreciate -

Thanks! - TJ
Might be worth checking an auto glass shop, or maybe even an auto body shop. While the channels that felt goes in are going to be vehicle specific, I think the felt itself is common across a range of vehicles.
Im looking at these links, I guess it the "door window glass channel run" ? I don't want the piece on the division bar, I need the one on the forward edge of the door/glass, that the window fits into when it's rolled all the way up. If I'm reading right, $18 ea. at Rockauto, $32 ea. at teamcherokee. Wow, I guess I'll try the rockauto ones. hope they work..

Thx for great links- and the info on posting pics, very helpful!

- TJ