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1988 XJ - Broke the shift/transmission linkage in steering column, now it wont shift?


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Ive got an 1988 XJ with the Renix 4.0.

So I was an idiot, and in trying fix one problem I made another. Though thanks to some folks here, my initial problem is now fixed.

I broke the steering column trim in my Jeep, and there seems to have been some integral part to the trim that held some kind of transmission/shift linkage. Now my shifter is extremely loose, and I can't put my Jeep into any gear.

Does anyone know what this part is or how exactly it works? Even better, is there a way I can just bypass it so my Jeep can shift?

Id really prefer to not buying a steering column. It's almost more than I have in this thing.
I've never owned a renix is your shifter on the column? Can you just put in a floor shift?

No it doesnt shift at the column, it shifts at the floor. I dont know what this linkage is, but its definitely connected to the shifter somehow. My shifter is useless now, but putting tension/slack in the linkage does change how it feels. Just not enough to make it shift.

There was nothing you could see that it even went to in the column. Nothing accessible. But it did something in there.
I know that the later models there is a cable that goes from the floor shifter to the steering column area for the starter interlock.
Your mention of "steering column trim" is throwing me off. Do you mean the center console? What was your original problem?

Does your shift lever move but doesn't actually shift the transmission?

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Your are talking about the interlock I believe, shouldn't be a big deal to take off the console, find whatever pin locks it out and disable it.