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1986 Jeep Cherokee Parting Out or free


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Benton, IL
Well this was gonna be a project but since dumping 4grand in a tranny and injection pump in my cummins I can't afford it. It is located in Benton, Illinois 62812. you can have the whole thing for free. More or less I just want to get it out since I am not going to do anything with it. If you would like any part in particular PM me with an offer and I will see what I can do. If it goes whole its free....if parting I will charge shipping and a little since I will have to dispose of the body. The tranny and 4x4 worked before the motor threw a rod threw the bottom of the oil pan. the floor is rusted out but most all parts are there. NO title either the axle is not the d44 or whatever the good rear is.
The motor is an inline six, 4liter, the transmission is an automatic....I am not sure what make the tranny, transfercase, and axles are. I just remember someone asking for a picture of the axle and saying thats not the axle that is in high demand (I think they said its not a D44). If someone can tell me how to identify each part I will do my best to help out. I can also get pictures of the t-case, axles, etc. Lets see here details...details....ahh it has a sunroof, body panels are all there and in suprisingly good shape. Just a little rust behind rear wheels at bottom. The floor needs metal welded in though.

No tow hooks, has some stout brackets that looks like a plow was mounted to though, hooks could be put on them with ease

It doesn't have a hitch, sorry.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. and its green
Might be able to take the whole vehicle...

If still available...

If not...

I'll take the steering column if it's w/tilt & cruise control...

Put me down for the sunroof too...

I'm in Chicago...

Where you at?
I will take the whole thing if it is still available. I pm'ed you. I could pick it up sometime this week. You are only a couple of hours away from me.
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