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15x8" wheel off set???


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I have a 2001 XJ Limited with the stock 16" alum. wheel set up. I recently installed a 3" lift and its time to get some meat under those fenders. Before investing at least $700. on a 15" rockcrawler wheel combo with 31's, I wanted to make sure of the required rim off-set to order with the 3" lift. What should I ask for to insure the rims or tires won't rub on the leafs or front end components. Thanks again,
I assume you mean 31x10.50s...

I ran 31x10.50s on stock (5.25" BS) wheels and they just barely rubbed the LCAs at full turn.

I would think that 4.75" and on down would work fine.

4 inch BS on an 8" wheel would be nice. You can pretty much get anything you like, just keep in mind that the wider you go with backspacing, the more wear you are putting on bearings and such. I personally have 3.25". (shameless plug: wanna buy them? I'm going 6 lug :) Eagle 589s)
First I have three sets of stock of rims(2-15",1-16") and I have yet to see a 5.25"BS wheel.They are all 5"BS(the 16" alloys are even marked).At that lift(you didnt mention who's) 31x10.5's are quite a stretch.If you want to fully stuff them without lots of bumpstops then you wont want more than 4.5"BS.
Thank's guys, it sounds like the 4.25 BS is the safe ticket to use. I need to be able to use this ride as my daily driver as well so the this combo should work out quite well from what I have noticed on the street. Any preferences between the BFG A/T's and the Mickey Thompson Radial MTX's? I need a managable tire that can handle the occasional off road venture as well.
Keep up the great forums, you people help out the new guys a ton!
There is no way you can run 4.25"bs and not rape your fenders.Ive already "been there done that".I personally wouldnt even recommend the 8" rims,stick with the 7's untilyour ready to do some major trimming!
I agree with RCP Phx. Going with reduced back spacing to avoid some very minor control arm rubbing at full steering lock is a trade-off. The penalty is that the wheels and tires extend farther out and will no longer tuck up into the fenders when the suspension is compressed ("stuffed"). 31 x 10.50 on stock rims with a 3" lift is a very well-balanced setup. Don't create problems for yourself.