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Winterfest remember's Flex

The Midwest Chapter wanted to remember Flex at their premier event, Winterfest, that's held each year in March, at the Badlands Off Road Park in Attica, IN.

We had commemorative flags made up to remember Flex. They were given to MWC members with their registration packet.

The Winterfest 2016 T-shirt was also a tribute to Flex. From the color of the shirt matching the color of his Jeep, to the hand symbol that means, "Rock On", designed by our residence in house graphics guru, Anthony "Emptypockets86" If you'd ever wheeled with Flex this was his trademark.

The MWC had a rock made as a tribute to Flex. This rock was left with the Badlands to remember Flex.

Lastly, when we were putting registration packets together, we came across and event sticker that was missing part of the grill. For many years when Flex started wheeling with the group he was missing a tooth. We ribbed him a lot about the tooth and he always took it in stride. We left a chair empty this year at the Winterfest banquet to remember Flex. At that empty chair, we put the sticker to remember him.

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